About us

Arpeggio Music Studio in Chatswood

Arpeggio Music Studio is a boutique and home-based piano studio located in Chatswood, the lower north shore of NSW (Australia).

Arpeggio Music Studio is equipped with an elegant Samick grand piano, a beautiful Yamaha digital piano, music education materials, a wide range of beautifully-arranged music repertoire, world-class studio license curriculum and gateway to symphony and ensemble performance of the highest standard for all ages, as well as tailored-made lesson program that bring holistic music education and engaging music activities to all.

Arpeggio Music Studio is founded and managed by Gabrielle who is classically-trained in piano.

An experienced music school teacher in Sydney, Gabrielle who has also taught piano in Singapore, now opens doors of her private practice to include more music lovers who are keen to pursue piano as the main instrument of study in their music learning.

Gabrielle, who loves to share the love of music, personally trains her students. She believes that a teacher who loves teaching teach students to love learning!

Whether you are a 4 year old learning to explore the piano, a 10 year old learning to perform in a competition or piano examination, a 14 year old learning to broaden the repertoire, a 25 year old learning to play for leisure, a 40 year old learning to play piano duet with your child/children/friend, or a 60 year old learning to play a popular music in an easy or relaxing way to enjoy the golden years, Gabrielle has something for you and welcomes you to Arpeggio Music Studio at any age and at any stage.

Playing the piano calms the mind, relaxes the body and connects everyone (family, friends and even strangers) together. You will not learn alone because at Arpeggio Music Studio, we are with you.

Welcome to Arpeggio Music Studio!