Arpeggio Music Studio warmly welcomes all our students, family and friends to join us in our annual Piano Party, where we meet in person and perform for one another. We promise lovely performances, amazing prizes, great games, music friends and lots of fun!

For the first time, Arpeggio Music Studio will be arranging live Zoom telecast of the event . Friends and family members of our lovely pianists are welcome to watch the performance in real-time

Good news for all our young pianists! We have another Yamaha digital piano just added to Arpeggio Music Studio to facilitate for group lesson and ensembles.

Arpeggio Music Studio uses an acoustic grand piano and two Yamaha P-125 digital pianos for group and private learning.

Arpeggio Music Studio firmly believes that a good quality digital piano complements the students’ learning experience. Therefore, our studio has recently added a second digital piano, i.e.: Yamaha P-125 – one of the popular reviews for home digital piano, to accompany our students in their group lesson. This has attracted popular feedback from students as they have fun and enjoyment learning and performing together. 

Arpeggio Music Studio group practice in action

Please check with Ms Gabrielle to find out more. 

Dear music families and friends,

Arpeggio Music Studio would like to thank all students for making significant progress on the piano, and all parents for being so supportive and encouraging during challenging year 2020.

To commemorate our students’ good work and effort, the studio has uploaded beautiful performance by students to below Arpeggio Music Studio Facebook page:

To all our students, keep up the good work and continue to learn and grow.

We shall look forward to enjoying more of the beautiful arrangements from our students in the year of 2021.

Picture: The Performing Team

We are very privileged and delighted to be celebrating the success of a musical year (despite challenges from Covid-19) in 2020.

On this day, we held our second virtual recital for the year and also welcomed the Christmas season.

We performed many well-known Christmas Carols for our family and friends who watched us play on our favourite instrument, the piano. We heard ‘Oh Come All Ye Faithful’, ‘Silent Night’, ‘Angels We Have Heard On High’, ‘Jingle Bells’, ‘It Came Upon The Midnight Clear’, ‘Away In A Manger’, ‘Over The River And Through The Woods’ and ‘Deck The Hall’.

Three music awards (Best Practice & Progress, Music All-Rounder and Piano Performance) were given to six students for their never-give-up learning attitude, good conduct and enthusiasm towards their musical development.

We congratulated the success of our students’ piano recital and are proud of the achievements.

To our family, thank you for giving us your support and providing us with the opportunity to learn a skill.

To all who have watched us perform, we thank you for your time and hope that you have enjoyed our performances as much as we have played for you.

The Best Is Yet To Come.Merry Christmas 2020, and Happy New Year 2021!

Musically Yours,

Gabrielle and all of us from Arpeggio Music Studio

Image may contain: 5 people, text that says 'ARPEGGIO MUSIC STUDIO 山り PIANO PARTY 2020 (TERM 1)'

Dear lovely students,

I am getting excited as our Piano Party draws near! 🤩

Piano Party is equivalent to Students’ Piano Concert and/or Piano Recital. It encourages our musicians to perform, share and enjoy music together.

This will be the first time we are using the virtual platform to conduct our piano recital for the year.

Just as the way our piano lessons have run on Zoom since Covid-19, this Piano Party will be another milestone that we will be celebrating as one.

Music has the power to bring everyone together. I look forward to having you and your lovely family for this special event.

Musically Yours,
Arpeggio Music Studio

Picture: Athena, with her AMEB Examination piece on the left, and her winning item on the right.

The Practice Challenge is initiated in Term 3 of 2019 to encourage piano students of Arpeggio Music Studio to love learning and be engaged with regular home practice.

We have found the winner of the practice challenge for 2019.

She is none other than our budding pianist, Athena!

Athena began her piano journey with Gabrielle two years ago. Currently, she is preparing for her AMEB Grade 1 Piano examination.

Well done, Athena! We are so happy to watch you grow in your piano skills and love practising! May you continue to soar in your piano learning journey with us!

We are also on Facebook. Type “Arpeggio Music Studio Sydney” in the search engine and click LIKE to be updated with our music news and performance from our very own stars!

Picture: Nicole with her song, “Ballerina”.

Our 7 year old pianist, Nicole, walked into the piano studio on a cheery Saturday morning for her duet lesson as usual.

This time, she had with her a self-composed music called “Ballerina”!

“Ballerina” has four crotchet beats in a bar and is a 5-bar melody. This song has a lovely tune that reminds us of a graceful dance.

We have a songwriter in the making!

Nicole, thank you for putting our music theory lessons into practice! May you continue to find joy in creating and performing music as you write more songs!

Head on to our facebook page at to listen to this wonderful piano composition performed by Nicole herself!

Picture: Oliver Fowler (6 year old) successfully implements his piano practice as part of his daily routine. He practises on his piano for at least 5 days a week (photo is provided at the courtesy of Oliver’s mother).

Practising on the piano for 5 days a week is the minimum effort that every pianist of Arpeggio Music Studio (“ARPEGGIO”) is being encouraged to achieve.

As the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect”. At ARPEGGIO, we believe that practice makes progress.

Today, we take a peek at the success of our 6 year old pianist, Oliver Fowler, who has made piano practice part of his daily lifestyle. It is also our joy to have with us Oliver’s mother, Lesley Fowler, who shares that our child’s piano practising time is also a very good parent-child bonding session.

Oliver is also the recipient of ARPEGGIO’s Best Practice Award in 2019.

Below is an interview of Oliver and Oliver’s mother, Lesley Fowler, with Gabrielle who represented ARPEGGIO.

Oliver, how often do you practise on your piano?

I practise every morning before school.

That is 5 days a week – WOW! What is your motivation to practise?

My mum and dad bought me a big piano and I love playing on it. I love learning to play new songs. My family enjoys listening to me play.  My favourite song is jingle bells. I can even play it with my eyes close!

There are many of us who are still trying to achieve this. What would you say to your music friends who are struggling to form a practice routine?

Just keep practising 5 days a week and one day you will get it as part of your routine.

Mum Lesley, Oliver has successfully formed a practice routine on the piano. This is very helpful in making good progress in his playing. What do you think is the secret recipe of his success?

We have invested in an acoustic piano which is a great motivation for Oliver as it lets him truly enjoy his piano lessons. We make practice a part of our routine during the weekdays. Mornings work best for our family so we practice after breakfast. All it takes is 10-15 minutes a day. Oliver loves watching videos of himself so we make it fun by recording him playing after he learns a new piece. He pretends he’s creating a video tutorial teaching others how to play a song. I also join Oliver when he practices. Oliver loves me singing along while he is playing a song.

That certainly sounds like an amazing parent-child bonding session as well as useful piano practice time! Mum Lesley, could you please share a tip or two for parents who are looking to provide such good support to their children who are learning to progress on the piano?

Establish a routine to practice regularly as it really helps children’s progress. Sitting with younger children is very beneficial as being involved really helps with their learning. Make it fun and most importantly be patient, let them pick it up at their own pace.

– End of interview –

ARPEGGIO would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Oliver and his mother, Lesley, for the encouragement and precious sharing.

Now we know that practising 5 days a week is a possible outcome because at least one of us have done it.

This is an achievement.

Let’s celebrate this achievement every week by meeting this goal.

To all pianist at ARPEGGIO, please continue to practice on your piano for at least 5 days a week!