Make Piano Practice A Routine At Home.

Picture: Oliver Fowler (6 year old) successfully implements his piano practice as part of his daily routine. He practises on his piano for at least 5 days a week (photo is provided at the courtesy of Oliver’s mother).

Practising on the piano for 5 days a week is the minimum effort that every pianist of Arpeggio Music Studio (“ARPEGGIO”) is being encouraged to achieve.

As the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect”. At ARPEGGIO, we believe that practice makes progress.

Today, we take a peek at the success of our 6 year old pianist, Oliver Fowler, who has made piano practice part of his daily lifestyle. It is also our joy to have with us Oliver’s mother, Lesley Fowler, who shares that our child’s piano practising time is also a very good parent-child bonding session.

Oliver is also the recipient of ARPEGGIO’s Best Practice Award in 2019.

Below is an interview of Oliver and Oliver’s mother, Lesley Fowler, with Gabrielle who represented ARPEGGIO.

Oliver, how often do you practise on your piano?

I practise every morning before school.

That is 5 days a week – WOW! What is your motivation to practise?

My mum and dad bought me a big piano and I love playing on it. I love learning to play new songs. My family enjoys listening to me play.  My favourite song is jingle bells. I can even play it with my eyes close!

There are many of us who are still trying to achieve this. What would you say to your music friends who are struggling to form a practice routine?

Just keep practising 5 days a week and one day you will get it as part of your routine.

Mum Lesley, Oliver has successfully formed a practice routine on the piano. This is very helpful in making good progress in his playing. What do you think is the secret recipe of his success?

We have invested in an acoustic piano which is a great motivation for Oliver as it lets him truly enjoy his piano lessons. We make practice a part of our routine during the weekdays. Mornings work best for our family so we practice after breakfast. All it takes is 10-15 minutes a day. Oliver loves watching videos of himself so we make it fun by recording him playing after he learns a new piece. He pretends he’s creating a video tutorial teaching others how to play a song. I also join Oliver when he practices. Oliver loves me singing along while he is playing a song.

That certainly sounds like an amazing parent-child bonding session as well as useful piano practice time! Mum Lesley, could you please share a tip or two for parents who are looking to provide such good support to their children who are learning to progress on the piano?

Establish a routine to practice regularly as it really helps children’s progress. Sitting with younger children is very beneficial as being involved really helps with their learning. Make it fun and most importantly be patient, let them pick it up at their own pace.

– End of interview –

ARPEGGIO would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Oliver and his mother, Lesley, for the encouragement and precious sharing.

Now we know that practising 5 days a week is a possible outcome because at least one of us have done it.

This is an achievement.

Let’s celebrate this achievement every week by meeting this goal.

To all pianist at ARPEGGIO, please continue to practice on your piano for at least 5 days a week!

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