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July 2019: Oliver (right) received the ‘Best Practice Award’ from Gabrielle (left).

We celebrate Oliver’s achievement who is presented with ‘Best Practice Award’ by Gabrielle!

Oliver loves learning new songs on the piano. He practises at least 5 days a week.

Oliver enjoys playing on the piano and loves his lessons with Gabrielle!

We are so happy for Oliver. His performance is amazing!

Well done and keep on playing, Oliver!

Hip hip hooray – It’s our Graduation Day!

Piano Discovery for the Young is a music curriculum designed for ages 5 to 7. This program teaches students from Kindergarten to Year 2 on music fundamentals with a focus on piano playing and introduction to music theory. Activities include dance and movement with songs, rhythm play with percussion instruments, colouring, music theory with games, stickers and stories, as well as learning to play the piano with bubble fingers.

On this special day of 29 June 2019, we celebrated graduation day! Moving on, the children are ready for the next phase in their piano learning journey, which is the Piano Preliminary for the Young.

Well done and keep on playing! We hope you enjoy Piano Preliminary as much as Piano Discovery. Hip hip hooray!

Designed with the purpose of improving piano technical skills in mind, Piano Gym has been a hit with our pianists in Arpeggio Music Studio during this July term break!

Technical studies and scales are no longer boring because we knew the tricks of the trade to make it easier and interesting! We also engaged with some appropriate body warm-up exercises to kick-start our sessions.

A 30 minutes’ session each for 2 lessons within the 3-day period, e.g.: Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday, on Scales and Arpeggios were what we had at Arpeggio Music Studio with our piano hands!

We thank all students who have sacrificed their holiday time to join us! Till the next Piano Gym is back, keep on playing Scales and Arpeggios, everyone!

To our lovely pianists, have you been keeping up with your practice?

In addition to the 10 tips of effective practising, ARPEGGIO is delighted to share its 100 days’ Practice Challenge and Practice Log with music students.

Please get your free copy by sending an email to with your student code and with the subject titled ‘100 days’ Practice Challenge and Practice Log’.

Let’s not forget ‘1% inspiration and 99% perspiration’!